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    Big Fish Audio Piano Soundscapes [KONTAKT] :JULY/20/2014

    20-07-2014, 04:35 quangha
    Сборки Windows
    Big Fish Audio Piano Soundscapes [KONTAKT]
    Big Fish Audio Piano Soundscapes [KONTAKT] :JULY/20/2014
    Big Fish Audio Piano Soundscapes [KONTAKT] | 3,53 GB
    TEAM AKADEMiC 12 November 2013
    This massive 8.7 GB collection (3.6 GB of 24-bit WAV files) of Cinematic and Ambient Piano Styles showcases sounds in the style of various TV and film scores and composers, such as Thomas Newman, American Beauty, The Green Mile, Hans Zimmer, Shawshank Redemption, Road to Perdition, James Newton Howard, The Help, James Horner and so many more!
    Perfect for crafting Dramas, Mystery, Romantic, Thriller, Comedy, Documentaries, Adventure and all manner of Cinematic Styles.
    Piano Soundscapes contains an enormous collection of Instrument Kits that give you the freedom to simply use one layer of the instrument by itself or increase the depth, complexity and beauty by adding additional complimentary instrument parts. Piano Soundscapes includes tons of various Pianos (Multiple variations and Piano FX) Male Vocalists (Dry, Wet and Ambient), Orchestral Elements, Soundscapes, Electric Bass Guitars (Amped and DI), Acoustic and Electric Drums, Melodic and Non-Melodic Percussion, Pads and so many additional instruments that provide you with today's contemporary Cinematic and Ambient sound. By giving you the ability to add the amount of depth and texture needed, along with multiple variations and rhythmic figures, Piano Soundscapes gives you total creative freedom and allows you to tweak to your hearts content!
    Piano Soundscapes also contains Drum and Percussion Elements which give you the freedom to create amazing drum and percussion grooves quickly and easily. Drum and Percussion Elements contains individual drum kit and percussion pieces (kick, snare, hi-hat, toms, cymbals, shaker, tambourine, sticks and many more) that you can use individually or mix n match to create an unlimited variety of drum and percussion grooves and rhythmic textures. There's also an enormous selection of Drum and Percussion Hits, giving you the ability to create overdubs quickly and easily.
    Piano Soundscapes includes Multi-Sampled Instruments including Drum Hits, Mallet, Bowl and Pads for you to mix n match, remix and adjust anyway you like it. Let Piano Soundscapes spark your creative flames and inject your projects with the emotion of today's hottest Cinematic and Ambient Piano Styles.
    - 3.6 GB of content
    - 916 Total Kontakt Patches
    - 860 Sliced Loops
    - 52 Single Instrument Patches
    - 4 Multi-Sample Instruments - Drums, Percussion and Melodic
    Instruments Include:
    Vocals - Male (Dry, Ambient and Wet)
    Piano FX
    Acoustic Drums
    Electric Drums
    Electric Bass (Amped and DI)
    Percussion - Non-Melodic
    Percussion - Melodic (Bell, Mallet, Flute, Bowl and Misc)
    Multi-Sampled Drums and Percussion
    Multi- Sampled Melodic (Bowl, Organ Pad and Plucky)
    The Full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher is required to use the KLI version of this product. This product does not work with the free kontakt player.
    Buy a premium rapidgator.net to download file with fast speed
    Written answers for you or me
    Big Fish Audio Piano Soundscapes [KONTAKT] :JULY/20/2014


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