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    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) :JULY/17/2014

    17-07-2014, 18:09 quangha
    Сборки Windows
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US)
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) :JULY/17/2014
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) | 5.27 GB
    Description: Electronic parts catalog car brand NISSAN. Program to determine the original part number (part number). You enter the VIN- code car - a program to " parse " on the part tells you the date of the car and offers a choice of only those parts that are installed it on your car .
    Extras. Information: installs and runs on WinVistax32, x64, Win7x64 Home premium, Win7x64 Professional, Win7 x64 Ultimate. Run in compatibility mode with earlier versions of Windows. In this distribution only Nissan 09 /2013 . Who needs an update - download regional folder. Who needs to fully deliver the program : in addition to the selected region folder swing "Programm files" and make installation of her shell.
    The installation must be done from scratch
    Standard setting:
    0 . Mount a virtual drive ( I-Alcohol 120% works without problems . Daemon Tools, UltraISO also the topic. Using Total Commander possible problem - lost files when unpacking )
    1. In the mounted image - with folders FASTPRG \ Win2000 \ run Setup and specify the installation path ( placed on any hard , not only C \ )
    1.1. Item number 1 is 1 one (! ) Times , regardless of the number of folders with the regions that you want to create !
    2 . On drive C \ (D, E, G) where you originally pointed the way to the folder Nissan create additional folders \ EL. US. ER. GR. CA. GL. (preferably to call EL1; US1 , etc ... , because from time with somebody, I have problems because of the folder names ) . These folders can be created on any disk (not only in your Nissan, as actually done and I : Software shell - on C \ and folder with the databases - on D \)
    3 . In each folder to unpack the images ; EL - in EL1 and so on (ie, in the form of all the files from the EL, GL , and so you create a copy on the hard drive with the same name folder. When updating - new portable files " with replacement" except file FASTPRG. His old reserve )
    4 . Next, find the file C: \ Nissan \ nfset.exe and run it. Tab CD-ROM setup is
    Prescribe the way separately to each folder (x : \ Nissan \ El, x : \ Nissan \ ER, x : \ Nissan \ Us, etc ...) . The path should be short : no more than 2-3 folders "in the way " and it is desirable for the folder names from England ( in my memory have already been precedents - the program " can not " read Russian )
    5 . Create a desktop shortcut to the file zapusknoe : X \ NISSAN \ Nfmenu.exe
    6. ALL work
    7. Unmounting the virtual drive C
    The image is made "as is" , but I did not use files CDINDEX, E-FAST, WINFSVER, in a folder README file FAST UPDATE NOTICE from England to have information about the changes in the interface.
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) :JULY/17/2014
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) :JULY/17/2014
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) :JULY/17/2014
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) :JULY/17/2014
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    Written answers for you or me
    Nissan FAST 09.2013 (EL, GL, CA, US) :JULY/17/2014


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