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    MSC Apex Harris Hawk SP1

    11-07-2018, 16:38 u2ua
    Графика& Дизайн
    MSC Apex Harris Hawk SP1
    MSC Apex Harris Hawk SP1 | 3.1 Gb

    MSC Software Corporation announced the updated eighth release of MSC Apex, the company's award winning next-generation Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) platform.
    Aerospace vehicles are some of the most complex structures to design due to the level of physics and mathematics that needs to be involved. CAE has been a key driver for reducing cost and accelerating innovation, but current processes still suffer workflow inefficiencies and results often come too late in the design cycle - especially when designing composite structures.

    MSC Apex's latest release, Harris Hawk, delivers a unique composite modeling and simulation experience that closely mimics the steps of the manufacturing process. Instead of using finite element abstractions, MSC Apex allows engineers to manipulate physical representation such as fabric, layups, plies, panels, and zones. Within a few hours, MSC Apex users can become efficient with composite modelling and on-the-fly failure calculation.

    - Modeling productivity - This release introduces a new geometry tool for surface extensions to eliminate manual rework and to allow engineers to automate model preparation tasks. Generative tie connections for assembly creation now takes minutes instead of hours. Users can now create large assemblies of parts using mesh dependent connections while preserving the product structure. MSC Apex Harris Hawk also features a high performing hex-meshing tool to help users mesh complex solid geometries.
    - Complete structural analysis - MSC Apex Harris Hawk expands its structural analysis capabilities with support for multi-events static analysis. Users can now manage multiple load cases. It also features the ability to define pre-stiffening in the linear bucking scenario. The brand new model browser-picking tool better supports result processing for model introspection.
    - Open and complementary - Beyond modeling productivity and structural analysis completeness, MSC Apex Harris Hawk continues to build on an open and interoperable framework with a full set of Python Scripting APIs for conceptual modeling iterations and interoperability for MSC Nastran-Patran with exporting of scenarios.

    What's new in MSC Apex Harris Hawk

    The MSC Apex Harris Hawk release has many new innovative features that will allow you to edit geometry and finite element meshes in more ways, model composite materials, and perform additional analysis capabilities.

    New features:

    Composite Materials
    - Ply Layup Definition for Composite Panels
    - 2D Orthotropic Materials
    - Automatic Creation of Zones within Panels
    - Specific Failure Criteria
    - Core Sample Tool to Display Ply Composition
    Buckling Analysis:
    - Static Pre-Stiffening
    Static Analysis:
    - Support for multiple static events
    - Updated interface for load and constraint assignment
    Surface Extend Improvements:
    - User defined control of Surface flattening sensitivity
    - User defined control of planar surface alignment sensitivity
    Hex Meshing Enhancements
    - Mesh editing and deletion at a cell level
    - Hex-mesh washer on holes with straight and consistent diameter
    - Assign materials to solid cells
    - Merge solids as cells
    Apex - Patran / Nastran Interoperability Improvements:
    - Run-ready export of Analysis Scenarios
    - Full Support of Case Control for all simulation types
    Usability and Enhancements:
    - Mesh topology display enhancements
    - Transform manipulator enhancements
    - 3D Viewport and Model Browser picking in Post Processing
    Mesh Tie Enhancements:
    - Editing of tied geometry is now supported
    - Ability to create a tie connection on a wire body
    Scripting Enhancements:
    - Additional APIs

    What's new in MSC Apex Harris Hawk SP1:

    The MSC Harris Hawk SP1 release has all of the innovative features included in the MSC Apex Hawk Release and the following enhancements:

    - Beam Stiffeners
    - 1D Profile Beam Shape Types for Built Up Beams
    - Support for generating CBAR and CROD elements
    - Nonvolatile FEM entity IDs
    - Entity ID Visibility through Probe Tool
    - Additional Scripting APIs

    About Apex. MSC Apex is the world's first computational parts based CAE system that serves as the platform for a broad range of physics and applications that MSC Software will introduce over time. MSC Apex transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modelling and process time from days to hours. The platform delivers innovative technology that enables predictive product development in the earlier stages of design where it is critical in saving time and money.

    - Built-from-the-ground up fully integrated and generative simulation environment
    With a paradigm shift away from traditional pre-solve-post point solutions, users can leverage the same user experience to carry out end-to-end simulation workflows with full associativity between geometric and analysis data, including fully generative behaviour to ensure that all aspects of the model are consistent and up-to-date following design changes.
    MSC Apex is powered by a CAE specific direct modelling and meshing engine that accelerates the CAD to Mesh process by a factor of up to 50x. CAD geometry is not suitable for analysis and geometry repair/improve and meshing operations are tedious, error-prone, and take too long. It also features a complete set of direct modelling tools to make geometry clean-up and idealisation steps fast and easy; all providing dramatic productivity improvements for engineers.
    - Access through MSC One
    Get Apex on its own or through MSC One: flexible, expanded product software solution that lets you take advantage of the broad range of MSC Solution's range of products including Patran, Nastran, Adams, Marc, SimManager, MaterialCenter, and more

    About MSC Software. MSC Software is one of the ten original software companies and a global leader in helping product manufacturers to advance their engineering methods with simulation software and services. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC's technology to expand individual knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. MSC Software employs 1,300 professionals in 20 countries.

    Product: Apex
    Version: Harris Hawk SP1 with Documentation
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Website Home Page :

    Language: english
    System Requirements: PC
    Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or 10
    Size: 3.1 Gb

    Download MSC Apex Harris Hawk SP1 from here:

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