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    DS Simulia XFlow 2017x Build 102.03 (x64)

    16-05-2018, 08:20 u2ua
    Графика& Дизайн
    DS Simulia XFlow 2017x Build 102.03 (x64)
    DS Simulia XFlow 2017x Build 102.03 (x64) | 2.7 GB

    SIMULIA XFlow offers unique, particle-based Lattice Boltzmann technology for high fidelity Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). This state-of-the-art technology enables users to address complex CFD problems involving high frequency transient aerodynamics, real moving geometries, complex multiphase flows, fluid structure interactions and aero acoustics.
    XFlow's automatic lattice generation and adaptive refinement capabilities minimize user inputs thereby reducing time and effort in the meshing and pre-processing phase of a typical CFD workflow. This enables engineers to focus the majority of their efforts on design iteration and optimization, rather than the time consuming meshing process.

    With XFlow's discretization approach, surface complexity is also not a limiting factor. The underlying lattice can be controlled with a small set of parameters; the lattice is tolerant to the quality of the input geometry and adapts to the presence of moving parts.

    In addition, advanced rendering capabilities provide realistic visualization to gain deeper insight into flow and thermal performance. Xflow's unique capabilities enable companies to reduce physical testing while making to make better design decisions faster.

    Whats New:
    Co-simulations with Abaqus
    XFlow and Abaqus co-simulations for advanced Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis:
    Mutual exchange of information automatically performed by the Co-simulation Engine
    The co-simulation interface region is a surface where the coupling acts.
    XFlow treats the interface region as a solid moving boundary where the no-slip condition must be enforced
    Abaqus requires the external fluid loads acting on the surface of the interface region

    Co-simulation with Simpack via FMI standard
    CFD and Multibody Dynamic (MBD) co-simulations via Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard:
    FMI is an independent standard to support co-simulation of dynamic models
    Master (Simpack)-Slave (XFlow) configuration with data exchange between subsystems restricted to discrete communication points
    Application: Vehicle control under side-wind effects
    XFlow provides Simpack with the aerodynamic forces affecting the bodies
    Simpack performs the multi-body simulation and runs the control system

    Direct support of CATIA parts
    Integration of Spatial 3D library to support CATIA's CATPart and CATProduct directly in XFlow
    This Library allows also to support many other native CAD formats
    Reduce requirements for CAD healing and defeaturing operations
    A great step forward in reducing the CAD-to-CFD time

    CST-XFlow one-way coupling
    Two features have been implemented in order to allow importing CST STUDIO SUITE data to XFlow:
    External VTK/VTU mesh data can be interpolated and read by XFlow
    A new Volumetric Heat Source condition can now be applied to the entire fluid domain as a user-defined law
    These two features allow the user to export to VTK/VTU format the energy scalar field from CST
    simulation and use it as Volumetric heat source in XFlow.

    Multiphase Volume of Fluid (VoF) solver
    New Volume of Fluid (VoF) multiphase solver to complement the already existing Particle-Based Tracking and Phase field multiphase solvers.
    This VoF solver is more adapted to large scale multiphase applications such as:
    Tank sloshing
    Dam break

    Animated geometry behavior for simplified FSI analysis
    Simplified approach to FSI analysis where:
    Solid deformation is defined by a sequence of geometries representing a predefined deformation
    The geometry deformation animation drives the fluid flow simulation

    New thermal boundary conditions
    Temperature Jump boundary condition that can be applied through a surface or a volume
    Convection Radiation boundary condition to apply a heat flux resultant from a surrounding
    temperature and a heat flux coefficient
    Volume Heat Source boundary condition, available for porous volumes only, to model radiators and heat exchanger behavior

    Minimum system requirements:
    Quad core processor
    Windows Vista x64 / Linux x64 (Linux needs glibc >= 2.5-34)
    At least 6 GB of RAM memory
    500 GB of hard disk
    512 MB graphics card and OpenGL >= 3.1 (If you use remote session software please check its OpenGL support)


    [center][b]Download DS Simulia XFlow 2017x Build 102.03 (x64) from here:[/b][/center]

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