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    Amarra 3.0.4545 (Mac OS X)

    21-07-2014, 12:34 miste1982
    Аудио & Звук

    Amarra 3.0.4545 (Mac OS X)
    Amarra Symphony 3.0.4545 [k'ed] (Mac OS X) | 147 MB

    Amarra is a high resolution music player designed for the discriminating ears of audiophiles and professionals.
    Deep, analog, natural, and musical; these are words Amarra our customers use when describing their Amarra listening experiences.
    With Amarra, you'll have many "oh wow!" moments even with tracks you've listened to for years. That's because Amarra enables your music to sound the way it was intended to be heard: beautifully.

    If you're looking for the best sound, try Amarra.
    Support for sample rates up to 384 kHz
    Special Cache and Playlist modes
    Runs perfectly with or without iTunes
    Amarra 3-band adjustable EQ including room node corrections
    Great customer support and online FAQ help

    What's New
    Version 3.0.4545:

    Change to User Interface
    DSD playback
    Sample Rate Conversion
    Downsample (i.e.: 192 to 96 for playback)
    Upsample (i.e.: 44.1 upsampled to 88.2)
    Streaming Support
    Requires SonicStream Audio Driver (1.0.3)
    Numerous enhancements and stability improvements
    Added iRC(b) option for Amarra player

    OS X 10.5.8 or later
    Amarra 3.0.4545 (Mac OS X)

    Link Download:
    Contact to email: [email protected][dot]com for support all you need !

    Теги:  Amarra 3, Symphony

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