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    Adobe Muse CC 2018.1.0.266 Portable by Gosuto (x64)

    16-05-2018, 08:09 u2ua
    Adobe Muse CC 2018.1.0.266 Portable by Gosuto (x64)
    Adobe Muse CC 2018.1.0.266 Portable by Gosuto (x64) | 1 GB

    Adobe Muse -New features for adaptive web design.
    Create and publish professional, flexible websites without writing code. Adobe Muse CC simplifies the tasks of designers, allowing you to create websites based on arbitrary layouts that quickly load and look great on any screen.

    The Muse application is designed specifically for designers, and it has the same creative tools as in Photoshop and Illustrator. Do not limit yourself to traditional programs for the design of flexible websites.

    The release of Adobe Muse CC for March 2018 (version 18.1) introduces several new features and enhancements, including copying and pasting style attributes, as well as improved settings for the "Resize" option and the "Composition" widget.

    New features of Muse CC:

    Training and technical support for Adobe Muse:

    Adobe Muse User Guide:

    Adobe Muse CC / Frequently Asked Questions:

    What's New in Adobe Muse:

    Features Portable by Gosuto:
    Adobe Muse CC 2018.1 Portable
    в– ! Version: 2018.1.0.266 CL 807255
    в–  Created in Turbo Studio (18.4.1080)
    в–  Size: 512 MB (in the155MBarchive)
    в–  Language: Russian \ English
    в–  OS: 7-10 (only x64)
    в–  Adobe Muse SS assembled from the distribution of the ASSR (from 04/25/2018), processed by AMTEmu from PainteR, and is standard optimized. To run, you need the .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or higher) and VC ++ 2013 and 2015 (17). To build these components did not become, take care of their presence in the system. The portal includes the isolation of window classes.

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