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    Adobe After Effects CC.2015 & Media Encoder CC 2015 (1/7/2015)

    1-07-2015, 19:58 soribet
    Adobe After Effects CC.2015 & Media Encoder CC 2015 (1/7/2015)

    Adobe After Effects CC.2015 & Media Encoder CC 2015 (1/7/2015)

    Adobe After Effects CC 2015 & Media Encoder CC 2015 RePack | 1.72 Gb

    Adobe After Effects a popular program for video editing and dynamic images, creating tracks, various effects and animations that can be downloaded for free cwer.ws. Most commonly it is used for video processing (post-production), creating music videos, commercials, animation, titles, and many other items that require digital video effects.

    The name comes from the effect known as "the resistance (inertia) of the visual sensation, this mechanism uses the sensory memory of the retina, which allows you to store visual information in a short period of time. Thanks to the extensive library of plug-ins developed by third parties, AfterEffects is also used in printing and graphic design for editing static graphic images (photos, images, computer-generated, etc.)

    New in version CC 2015:

    Find the perfect image or graphic for the project. Now search and licensing stock images and graphics royalty-free, and managing them takes less time thanks to the integration of After Effects CC with the new service Adobe Stock. Save the desired image to Creative Cloud libraries, and you will be able to use it in his compositions, and other creative projects.

    Your resources are always at hand. Get access to important resources for creativity and share via Creative Cloud libraries, available in the programs After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator; mobile applications like Shape; and services such as Adobe Stock.

    Function continuous preview. Configure properties of the composition and resize panels, without stopping the playback of media content. Continuous preview allows you to fully immerse yourself in the creative process.

    High precision tracking. Using Face Tracker you can easily apply effects to individual parts. using a simple tracking adjust color and blur; track certain points to change the eye color or lip movements; or monitor the changing values of the individual parameters, such as wide-open eyes. You can even export data to Adobe Character Animator.

    Real 3D inside After effects. Import 3D objects and use them in 3D scenes using Live 3D Pipeline with Cinema 4D. You don't have to re-render and wasting your valuable time processing. Only creativity.

    Custom preview. Preview songs, layer and footage based on your experience and preferences. Choose intuitive options by default, create custom previews for different triggers, or go back to old models preview a few clicks.

    Customize the UI the way you want. Quick navigation thanks to an optimized grouping of panels. Adjust the brightness using the interactive controls to obtain a suitable contrast.

    Optimized user interface for touch devices. After Effects simplifies navigation between panels in a group, allowing you to select and activate the panel using the touch controls.

    And much more. As well as enhancements to save time when working with expressions, the ability to import JPEG2000 files and more.

    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 - a program coding that lets you encode audio and video files in different formats spread for different applications and audiences. Such video and audio formats are characterized by high compression ratio. Downloading this program on cwer.ws, you can export video in formats supported by different devices, from DVD players and websites to mobile phones, portable media players and TVs standard and high definition.

    It is important that Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 allows you to process multiple video and audio clips in batch mode; in environments where video is a significant part of the contents, batch processing workflow. During the encoding of video files of the program, you can add, reorder, and change the encoding settings of files in the batch queue.

    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 supports different video export formats depending on the Adobe applications it is installed with this software. In particular, it represents the core coding for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Prelude. However, the program can be used as a stand-alone encoder.

    The benefits of Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014:

    The creation of the package AS-11 using DPP. Now in Adobe Media Encoder on a par with other variants encoding provides the ability to create files based on a common standard AS-11 UK DPP version 1.1 for broadcasting in the UK.

    New codecs Dolby. There are two new codec Dolby: Dolby Digital Plus and compatible with Blu?ray. You can also set additional settings for Dolby Digital.

    Update the settings for import and export. Provided extended support XAVC. Now you can export to XAVC HD Class 200, XAVC 2K/4K 24p and 4K XAVC Class 480. Additional options XDCAM. You can use the new settings for open and closed group of pictures, as well as groups of pictures with a fixed or variable length. You can import files SStP. The red frames is no longer added to media MXF OP1a, when Adobe Media Encoder cannot encode the frame. Instead, in case of error coding is inserted adjacent the frame and a warning is logged.

    Setting the frame rate without its own timeline. There is a new installation of an Indefinite timeline of the media data in the menu "Edit" > "Settings" > "Media", which allows you to set the frame rate for the source media without its own timeline, such as sets of images.

    Sync settings. After the first use the function "File > Sync settings in Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 would like to import the settings and templates from the Adobe Media Encoder version 7.x.

    Means export Wraptor DCP. Means export Wraptor DCP (Digital Cinema Package) from QuVIS is a quick and easy way to migrate the project into a format for theaters with 2K resolution, at 24 frames per second and audio configuration to 5.1.


    Adobe After Effects CC 2015 (all components, including Character Animator)
    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2015
    Adobe Aplication Manager*
    Apple QuickTime Pro

    Video Copilot Element 3D V2
    Video Copilot Optical Flares

    Interface languages: Russian, English
    Treatment: held (patch by PainteR)






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