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    Adobe Media Encoder Cc 2014 v8.1.0 Multilingual (Mac OSX)

    4-10-2014, 19:27 cipatray
    Adobe Media Encoder Cc 2014 v8.1.0 Multilingual (Mac OSX)

    Adobe Media Encoder Cc 2014 v8.1.0 Multilingual (Mac OSX)
    Adobe Media Encoder Cc 2014 v8.1.0 Multilingual (Mac OSX)
    Adobe Media Encoder Cc 2014 v8.1.0 Multilingual (Mac OSX)
    Size: 854 MB

    Adobe Media Encoder Cc 2014 v8.1.0 Multilingual (Mac OSX)
    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014 - Deliver brilliant video content for web, broadcast and cinema with Media Encoder CC. Tight integration with Premiere Pro CC provides a seamless workflow, including handy presets for a broad range of formats. Background encoding means you can keep working while your files are rendered.
    In this version:
    - Mercury Playback Engine support
    - Match source settings
    - Broad format support
    - Render settings controls and presets
    - Automated image processing
    - DCP creation
    - AS-11 content packaging
    - Fault tolerant rendering
    - Smart rendering
    - Watch folders
    What's new in version 8.1.0:
    Refined user interface with high-DPI functionality
    Like most professional applications, Adobe Media Encoder provides a wealth of controls and options, so one of our priorities is to simplify and streamline the user interface, so that video professionals can focus on tasks with a minimum of distraction. With an updated color scheme, cleaner icons, and a subtly sleeker look, this release is an important first step in that direction. In addition, the new user interface scales to appropriate resolutions on high-DPI displays, including Retina displays on Mac computers and high-resolution displays on computers running Windows 8.1.
    Destination publishing
    Render and deliver your work in one fell swoop. Add destination options to encoding presets, including FTP sites and your Creative Cloud folder. Send to multiple locations and track rendering and upload from the same panel.
    Rendering and encoding of items from projects in watch folders
    Automate rendering and encoding of sequences and compositions in project files by placing After Effects projects, Premiere Pro projects, and Final Cut Pro XML projects into your watch folder. And remember, you can create and customize as many watch folders as you need to automate common rendering and encoding tasks.
    Rewrap functionality for MXF OP1a formats
    MXF OP1a formats, including those using DNxHD codecs, now include encoding presets that allow you to quickly rewrap your source video in an MXF wrapper. If your source media is already in an MXF wrapper, you can use those presets to take the guesswork out of smart rendering.
    Multiplexing during encoding
    For faster results, multiplexing (MUXing) video and audio components into a single MPEG-2 file will occur while encoding instead of as a separate process at the end.
    Extended DCP (Digital Cinema Package) functionality
    Now, you can also output 25-fps content in Digital Cinema Package format for European standards.
    Extended Sony XAVC functionality
    Options for XAVC export now include both VBR (variable bit rate) and CBG (constant bit rate GOP) for 2k and higher resolutions.
    Native decoding and encoding using GoPro CineForm codecs
    Adobe Media Encoder CC 2014.1 (8.1) can encode and decode movies using the GoPro CineForm codecs on both Mac OS and Windows. Options include 8-bpc (bits per channel) and 16-bpc color precision and alpha channels.
    Languages: Arabic, German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Finnish, Danish, Hungarian, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Czech
    Adobe Media Encoder Cc 2014 v8.1.0 Multilingual (Mac OSX)
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