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    A Secret Ride: A Biker Erotic Romance

    13-07-2019, 22:50 Bo0mB0om
    Книги журналы
    A Secret Ride: A Biker Erotic Romance

    A Secret Ride - A Biker Erotic Romance
    by Emily Stone
    English | 26 pages | EPUB | 179 KB ASIN: B00IP0EIEQ | February 2014

    This is the sequel to No Easy Ride by Emily Stone.

    A chance to rekindle an old love is something Ellie's always wanted, but she never thought the consequences could be so dire...

    Ellie Thorn is in love with Rex Pershingthe vice president of the Siouxan Brothers MCwho also happens to be the foremost rival of her father's club, the Karthadossian Riders.

    When she uncovers a plot has painted a target on Rex's back, she is race against time to get the message through but is interrupted before she can finish the phone call.

    With Ellie's last call to him ominously interrupted by the sounds of a scuffle, Rex rushes to save her. But will he reach her in time or have the greater forces at playforces determined to pit the Karthadossians against the Siouxansalready gotten to her?
    (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resuming ability)

    Теги:  Secret, Ride, Biker, Erotic, Romance

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