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    Open Source Technolgy What is it How Does it Work Why Does it Matter How can it Help You

    10-02-2019, 22:42 Bo0mB0om
    Книги журналы
    Open Source Technolgy What is it How Does it Work Why Does it Matter How can it Help You

    Open Source Technolgy: What is it? How Does it Work? Why Does it Matter? How can it Help You? by Kennedy Twain
    English | January 20, 2018 | ASIN: B0796JC3QT | 31 pages | AZW3 | 0.36 MB

    Open source technology is defined as the production and development philosophy of allowing end users and developers to not only see the source code of software, but modify it as well. The Linux operating system is a one of the best-known examples of open source software technology.
    The emergence of open source technology has shifted the way commercial businesses operate. For many reasons, organizations are adopting the methodology. The most significant reason that businesses are instituting open source into their offices is because it is unlimited in its possibilities to evolve technology into something useful or even revolutionary. In addition, the process is flexible, mutable and requires either a reasonable licensing fee or no fee at all. Therefore, creating something unique and utilitarian in the technology realm has few roadblocks these days for those willing to create, edit, and redistribute technology through open source.
    What is it exactly, how has it worked in the past, and how can it work for you?
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    Теги:  Open, Source, Technolgy, What, is

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