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    Essential Photography Skills - Beginner Digital SLR Training

    16-11-2014, 11:31 miste1982
    Книги журналы

    Essential Photography Skills - Beginner Digital SLR Training
    Essential Photography Skills: Digital SLR Photography for Beginners | 1.26 GB
    English | .mp4 | h264, yuv420p, 1280x720, 385 kb/s, 25.00 fps | aac, 44100 Hz, 2 channels
    Genre: eLearning

    Are you frustrated with the average shots youre getting with your DIGITAL SLR camera ? Are you stuck in automatic mode? Do the words aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure sound like a foreign language, but one you would like to speak?
    This downloadable step-by-step video series covers the basics of photography, from how your camera works, exposure, shutter speed and aperture, all the way to what inspires you and how to compose your images for maximum impact.
    Short & Sweet Videos Lessons

    Brent goes into detail and demonstrates each essential photographic ingredient in these fun, casual and easy-to-learn videos.
    Easy Self-Paced Learning

    Take this course at your own pace, come back and re-watch sections if you like, or watch the entire course in one-go. Its recommended that you watch one section at a time and then go out and practice what you have learned.
    Photograph On-Location & In-Studio

    Join Brent as he photographs portraits in the studio and outdoors as well as go on location to capture landscape and sunset pictures.

    You will never have to shoot in auto mode again.
    Popular Photography eBook Included

    Included is a full manual (Essential Photography Skilles eBook 2nd edition) that goes with these videos, Print it out, especially the Exposure Chart, plus 2 bonus videos will help you shoot like a Pro.

    This video series includes:
    - Over 18 lectures and 2 hrs of content!
    - How cameras work, and how light travels through your digital SLR.
    - Exposure explained: Simple to understand with diagrams. Studio portrait shoot demonstrating exposure.
    - Light and how critical it is to photography. How to modify light, and go on location for a sunset shoot.
    - Depth of Field and how Aperture and Focal Length contribute to DOF. When to use it and why.
    - Examples of Aperture & Depth of Field.
    - Lenses, which lens to use for portraits or landscapes, why are some lenses more expensive than others.
    - Go on location with Brent to photograph a landscape, and discover the secrets behind capturing beautiful seascapes.
    - Shutter Speed. Go on location and discover how to add movement to you images.
    - Examples of how Shutter Speed is used to create great images
    - Learn about autofocus, and when to use the different autofocus settings.
    - ISO and how to use it properly. What about noise in your images?
    - Composition, and the rule of 3rds. Analyse the images we have taken so far. What makes an image good?
    - Inspiration. What inspires you to take pictures, and where Brent finds daily inspiration.
    - How to shoot in manual mode, as well as semi-automatic modes like shutter priority mode.Go along with Brent and see exactly how he creates these images.



    Link Download:
    Contact to email: [email protected][dot]com for support all you need !

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